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Christmas has been victorious!!!

Admit it. You, silly liberal in your silly liberal ignorance, with your extensive knowledge of devil-worshipping rock bands and traitorous French cheeses, you supposed that the successful celebration of Christmas by hundreds of millions of Americans this year would disprove all of our righteous 'War On Christmas' outrage, didn't you? You thought that a few hundred rounds of eggnog and 'Silent Night' would make it a moot question, would prove once and for all that we're just jousting at windmills for the benefit of a tiny few religious extremists who have become so inured in their own insecurity that they request, nay, demand drummed-up conflict to support their inflated dudgeon!
Well... you're right for once, damn you, in a sense. It would appear that the courage of our brave pundits, blessed and beloved as they are of our Lord God and all of His Heaven, has saved this year's Christmas. But don't think we don't have plans for next year!!!

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