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Who are you, Dalton Conley, and why won't you let me abort?

This op-ed piece by a Mr. Dalton Conley is the most brilliantly WTF piece I've read in a while. Mr. Conley says that, hey, since we're making dads pay child support and so on, why not give them more of a say in whether a woman bears their child or not? Where's a man's right to choose, goshdarnit? (Watch out, it'll probably be pay-only tomorrow. Summaries can be found at Broadsheet.)
Perhaps the single most mindnumbing assertion is this:
"Well, you might argue that all the man provides is his seed in a moment of pleasure. The real work consists of carrying a child for nine months, with the attendant morning sickness, leg cramps, biological risks and so on.
But how many times have we heard that fatherhood is not about a moment, it is about being there for the lifetime of a child? If we extend that logic, those 40 weeks of pregnancy - as intense as they may be - are merely a small fraction of a lifetime commitment to that child."
I call bullshit. Until the day that my partner in sin can bear our out-of-wedlock demon child instead of me, I get final dibs on the right to choose. He gets a say, but I decide, because goddamnit it's my uterus getting ruptured.
(But hey, buck up, prospective papas- Popular Science says that artificial endometria are on the way!!)

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